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Le Creuset Saucepan Wooden Handle

This le creuset 14 sauce pan is a great cond. Saucepan with a red cast iron lid. It has a small size of 14 5-inch by 10-inch. The handle is enamel with a small logo. The enamel is dark brown, and the saucepan is white. The handle is in great condition with no serial no. Or issues. This is a great cond.

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Le Creuset Saucepan Wooden Handle Amazon

This le creuset saucepan has an enameled cast iron wooden handle. It is 16" wide, 12" deep, and has a deep well. The saucepan is made for boiling sugar beets. It is likely that the saucepan was used for cooking food. It is a two-element visibility tool with good visibility. The handle is also a two-element visibility tool. this is a great asset for a cook or a first time cook who needs a simple and convenient saucepan to stir-fry with. Thele creuset saucepan is a beautiful, classic saucepan created by french chef i. (ivan) mcmurray in 1922. It is a large saucepan with a large range of 1 checkered field on one side and a small checkered field on the other. Thele creuset is also a popular cookbook and kitchen tool. It is made of heavy brass with a large, flat design and a small, curvy design. It is hand-washing and also hand-washed with cold water and detergent. Simple design that has become a popular choice for home chefs everywhere. It has a simple, sleek look that makes it easy to manage. The lid spout and wooden handle make it easy to cook food in, and it can handle a lot of heat. this lovely saucepan is made from wooden handle and has a creuset design which makes it easy to pour. It has a large orange enameled saucepan design which is perfect for frying or frying up some food. The 14 wooden handle makes it easy to reach the dish and is a great gift.